Learning a language like Arabic is like trying to get fit. It’s often one of those things that people put down as a New Year’s resolution but very few have the resolve to do anything about it. I think the reason why most people struggle with it is because like trying to get fit, it takes a good few months of hard work, frustration and pain before you see any results. I believe the reason why many fail is that few have the courage to start and of those who start, fewer still lack the resolve to push through the pain barrier and dig deep into why they went down this path in the first place.

Like trying to get fit and healthy, language learning is often a very personal thing and people often have personal reasons why they want to learn it. And if you’re trying to learn it by yourself, it can also be a very isolating experience. That said, the more support the individual has around them, the higher the chance of success. We need people around us who are in the same boat, encouraging each other, supporting one another and keeping us accountable. This is as true for trying to get fit and healthy as it it for language learning.

This is why we’re adding an extra feature for our online students to create a supportive network of Arabic students from around the world who are motivated to learn. For our online Arabic students, we’ve started WhatsApp groups for our beginner, intermediate and advanced students so we can all push and encourage each other to learn a little bit each day. We’ve made it our New Year’s resolution to really work on building this network of Arabic learners all over the globe and connect like-minded students so we can all learn more, together.

Join students who are learning Arabic all over the world by WhatsApp in 5 easy steps:
1. Sign up
2. Watch a video
3. Send us a WhatsApp Arabic Voice note
4. Complete a worksheet
5. Join and participate in our Arabic WhatsApp group with students from all over the world.

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