Moustafa Fahour OAM, Group Chief Financial Officer, Habtoor Leighton Group (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)Moustafa Fahour OAM, Group Chief Financial Officer, Habtoor Leighton Group (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

"Imran's teaching style is creative and refreshing. Arabic is important if you want to do business in the Middle East, even if it is at a basic level. It helps you connect with clients and the region. I recommend Imran's classes to all who want to learn Arabic, especially expats"

Nazeem Hussain, Creator and Star of hit comedy series ‘Legally Brown’ on SBS (Melbourne, Australia)Nazeem Hussain, Creator and Star of hit comedy series ‘Legally Brown’ on SBS (Melbourne, Australia)

I was travelling to the Middle East and I desperately needed to learn some Arabic! Imran's course taught me not only basic conversational Arabic, but also the differences in local dialects! I highly recommend this course. It was extremely useful and lots of fun!

Shakira Ali, Business Development (Sydney, Australia)Shakira Ali, Business Development (Sydney, Australia)

After the Arabic intensive retreat I have come away with more than I thought I would. Our teachers showed us that Arabic can be simple to learn through unorthodox but effective means of teaching! Making it fun with activities and games that helped us interact in an Arabic speaking context, I have picked up words and phrases that I will never forget! Who would have thought that learning a song from Frozen "Let it go" in Arabic would actually help me learn the meaning of certain sentences and words! The teachers were creative and encouraging. They made me feel so comfortable and helped me develop a love for learning Arabic! I will definitely go again and no longer feel intimidated by the Arabic lingo! Thank you to our amazing teachers who have supported us along this journey!

Hasnain Dosani, Senior Analyst, APRA (Sydney, Australia)Hasnain Dosani, Senior Analyst, APRA (Sydney, Australia)

If you have always thought learning a new language is supremely difficult, and only a gifted few have the ability to learn easily, you should join Arabic with Imran Lum to challenge this notion. Imran is a gifted person with a unique ability to create a fun, stress-free and engaging learning environment, whilst at the same time, setting and maintaining high learning standards. His enthusiasm for teaching Arabic and overall positive energy will rub off on you and will spark a genuine interest to learn and grow as an individual. It has for me. Thanks Imran!!!

Mouna Sawan, PhD Candidate (Sydney, Australia)Mouna Sawan, PhD Candidate (Sydney, Australia)

Although I come from a Lebanese background I lacked the confidence to learn and speak Arabic. That was until I met Imran and Anisa, whose encouragement and love for the Arabic language inspired me to give it a go. They continually find innovative ways to teach Arabic (who knew the song ‘Frozen’ could be a tool) which has you learning new concepts without realizing. Imran and Anisa create a safe and comfortable environment dispelling any hesitation or fear to speak new Arabic phrases for the first time.

Intezar, Macquarie University Student (Sydney, Australia)Intezar, Macquarie University Student (Sydney, Australia)

“Initially, I wasn't confident with learning Arabic but Imran's enthusiastic, fun approach to it has made me enjoy learning this beautiful language!”

Jessica Swann, Former Anchor Dubai Today and Deputy Programming Director Dubai Eye (Melbourne, Australia)Jessica Swann, Former Anchor Dubai Today and Deputy Programming Director Dubai Eye (Melbourne, Australia)

“I took an intensive in classical Arabic with Imran Lum a few years ago in Melbourne where in the group we spoke Arabic the whole time. It was a first for me to learn in this way, a kind of Arabic sink or swim approach. It was brilliant. It seemed to take in the teachings both in a conscious learning and subconscious absorbing kind of way. His humour and contemporary approach to teaching really helped me to engage with the content and learn quickly. I've always felt that the teacher and their style is so important in a student’s capacity to learn, I'd totally recommend Imran as a teacher of Arabic whether it be for more formal Arabic or standard conversational. At the very least it'll be fun.”

Zoe Fehlberg, Associate Director, National Australia BankZoe Fehlberg, Associate Director, National Australia Bank

“Imran provides a fun and inspiring environment in which to learn Arabic. I have come from a background where I had no interaction with Arabic, however, Imran’s in-depth skill and down-to-earth teaching style has enabled to learn and appreciate the beauty of the language”

Charlene Chew, Lawyer (Singapore)Charlene Chew, Lawyer (Singapore)

"Imran tailors his classes according to his students' abilities and desired learning pace. For my case, he knew when and how to push me to master phrases, and exposed me to a few 'slang' words. Within a month or two, I could carry out a basic conversation in full sentences"

Shazlin Zahari, Citibank (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)Shazlin Zahari, Citibank (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Growing up in a society where reading the Quran was emphasised more than understanding its meaning, I found it difficult to relate to the language. Imran's natural flare for teaching Arabic gave me an instant connection back to the language and a greater confidence to speak without the fear of getting it wrong. His intuitive style brings out the best in his students and what's important - it's really fun!"

Jalil El Khalifi, Sales Manager, Threadneedle Investments (Sweden)Jalil El Khalifi, Sales Manager, Threadneedle Investments (Sweden)

"Imran's fun and relaxed teaching style really helped me with my Arabic. The Arabic with Imran Lum videos are convenient for me, I can learn in my own time and wherever I want"

Dr Zainib Cheema, Medical Practitioner (Sydney, Australia)Dr Zainib Cheema, Medical Practitioner (Sydney, Australia)

"Arabic is a beautiful language with IMMENSE depth; properly speaking the language is daunting, yet definitely the most rewarding element of learning the language. Imran’s course is immensely motivating as it will get you speaking the language. The course makes Arabic accessible and FUN. It is flexible with online videos, and the lessons are grounded in practical scenarios that will see you implementing your new knowledge. If you’re learning the language to connect to people and indulge in one of the Earth’s most ancient cultures—this is for you"

S. Mint, Legal Practitioner (London, UK)S. Mint, Legal Practitioner (London, UK)

"Having tried a number of Arabic language courses, none gave me quite the same confidence that Imran's approach and methodology has. Within a couple of lessons, I was able to converse with native Arabic speakers and I now use my Arabic language skills in the course of my professional duties, amongst my personal networks and in my travels. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting a pragmatic and inspiring approach to learning this beautiful language"

Mohammad Shah, Senior Analyst, the Reserve Bank of Australia (Sydney, Australia)Mohammad Shah, Senior Analyst, the Reserve Bank of Australia (Sydney, Australia)

"While learning a language is no simple task, Imran's friendly and intuitive teaching style has made it much easier to pick up the language. Don't be fooled by his down-to-earth style - Imran's years of experience teaching Arabic shows in the quality and effectiveness of his videos"

Nawal Ali, Community Leader (Melbourne, Australia)Nawal Ali, Community Leader (Melbourne, Australia)

"Imran makes learning Arabic enjoyable and stress free. His love for the language is contagious and he knows how to get the best out of his students. Imran helped me get over my anxiety about learning Arabic grammar by introducing 'funny' tips to help me retain new vocabulary items and grammar rules. His energetic teaching style and well-planned lessons helped me use conversational Arabic in the 'real' world immediately. Winning"

James Inglis, Private Client Adviser, Macquarie Bank (Adelaide, Australia)James Inglis, Private Client Adviser, Macquarie Bank (Adelaide, Australia)

"I tried learning Arabic previously and I couldn't relate to the way it was taught. Imran's style is engaging, practical and relevant. I've found them really helpful"

Isma Mantoo (Financial Services, Hong Kong expat)Isma Mantoo (Financial Services, Hong Kong expat)

"I've always wanted to learn Arabic, but my work in finance means I often don't have time. Imran's videos are ideal because I can learn on the go, in my own time and at my own pace. I highly recommend them"

Sarah Mahri (Melbourne, Australia)Sarah Mahri (Melbourne, Australia)

"Having to learn Arabic in high school left me with a disdain for what I thought was a complicated and difficult language. Through Imran's lessons I was taught the beauty of it. His teaching style is unique and gives you the tools to continue learning and using Arabic in day to day settings"

Raidah Shah Idil, Shafi’i fiqh instructor and freelance writer/poet (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)Raidah Shah Idil, Shafi’i fiqh instructor and freelance writer/poet (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

“Imran has a unique, fun and eminently likeable approach towards teaching Arabic. Attending his classes helped me improve my conversational skills after I studied Arabic grammar at an intermediate level in Jordan. Imran helped me solidify my foundations in grammar. He helped me improve my existing knowledge of Arabic, and most of all, boost my confidence. I am ethnically Malay, grew up in Australia, and have been studying Arabic for many years now, but Imran's classes gave me a newfound confidence. He's down-to-earth and approachable take towards Arabic was refreshing and encouraging. I am now able to understand classical Arabic texts of Shafi’i fiqh, as well as have fluent conversations in fushah”

Mohammad Irfan, Audio Engineer (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)Mohammad Irfan, Audio Engineer (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

“After learning Arabic for more than two years I had a reasonable understanding of Arabic grammar, I could deconstruct complicated verbs yet I still could not carry out a decent conversation in Arabic. Through learning with Imran, I was able to develop confidence in speaking Arabic. Thanks to them I am now able to carry out a simple conversation in Arabic. They have been and continue to be a catalyst in nurturing my love for the Arabic language”

Subhi Bora, Studio Manager, Gould.Sydney (Sydney, Australia)Subhi Bora, Studio Manager, Gould.Sydney (Sydney, Australia)

"Imran's approach to Arabic really focuses on losing your inhibitions, famously "forgetting grammar" and just giving it a go. Grammar is of course picked up along the way but in an organic fashion that stems from experience - like when children are learning language for the first time (as Imran often says). Learning Arabic may appear to be daunting, but Arabic with Imran is relaxed, fun, and very applicable in everyday conversation"

Mohamed Taha, ABC Journalist (Sydney, Australia)Mohamed Taha, ABC Journalist (Sydney, Australia)

"As an Australian with Lebanese heritage, my Arabic was poor and colloquial. Imran's course helped me unlearn what I had known about Arabic and correct the nuances of the language. His style is unique and funky. If you want a teacher who is passionate about Arabic, appreciates its depth and respects its intricacies - then Imran is your man"

Widyan al-Ubudy, SBS Journalist and former Radio host of SBS Pop Araby (Sydney, Australia)Widyan al-Ubudy, SBS Journalist and former Radio host of SBS Pop Araby (Sydney, Australia)

“Before starting Arabic with Imran, I was embarrassed to even try to read Arabic despite my Arabic background. After a few lessons, I was sounding out sentences with no shame even if I made mistakes. My teachers’ positive reinforcement gave me the confidence to keep going. Now I read and I still make mistakes- but mistakes I can fix. I also did speak Arabic with them and although I speak fluent Iraqi Arabic. I can now hold a long conversation in formal Arabic, without the colloquial Arabic influence”

Raiyana Abdul, Treasury Dealer, Global Markets, Maybank Islamic (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)Raiyana Abdul, Treasury Dealer, Global Markets, Maybank Islamic (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

"In the Islamic finance line, my work always involves Arabic for marketing and business development. Imran's videos help me to improve my arabic communication skills and are enjoyable to watch too"